Diario de a bordo’s Media Kit


Diario de a bordo is a travel blog written by Isabel Romano and Xavier Llobet, a professional couple who capture all their travel experiences in a personal and vivid narrative style. It features stories about destinations, culture and people, plus a good number of eye-catching pictures. The blog is not only inspiring, but also practical, as it includes all the information and essential tips to encourage the audience to visit the same places.

Diario de a bordo was launched in July 2008. Since then it has produced 550 posts and it has received over 5,800 comments. The authors have visited 49 countries and the blog has posts related to 40 different countries. 

Diario de a bordo is also member of the Spanish Bloggers Associations Globellers and Fashion Travel Bloggers.


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✪ June 2017: Menorca #BaleariaMenorcaT
✪ November 2016: Maldives #MaldivasFTB
✪ July 2016: Ibiza Instameet #Ibizaconbalearia
✪ November 2015: Maldives Girly #MaldivasFTB
✪ March 2015: Flemish Girly (Belgium) #Flandeschic
✪ November 2014: Andorra Shopping Festival (Andorra)
✪ April 2014: Bordeaux & Aquitaine (France)
✪ January 2014: Nordic Blogger Experience Finland and WildTaiga (Finland) #NbeFinland
✪ May 2013: Travel Bloggers Meeting in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) #TBMCatSur
✪ September 2012: TBEX Girona (Catalonia, Spain) #inpyrenees
✪ June 2012: InMontseny (Catalonia, Spain) #inMontseny
✪ May 2012: Travel Bloggers Meeting in Gredos #TBMGredos
✪ September 2011: Travel Bloggers Meeting de Málaga #TBMAGP
✪ September 2011: Startrip (Cancun, Mexico)#startrip
✪ May 2011: Málaga Blog Trip (Malaga, Spain) #malagatrip

other collaborations

✪ Contributor in Skycanner
✪ Blogger in Easyjet blog
✪ Editor in Myvuelingcity.com
✪ Contributor in elEconomista.es
✪ Blogger in the corporative blog Tekaconcept.com
✪ Only Spanish member of Lonely Planet’s Blogsherpa program (2009-2012), providing content to lonelyplanet.com Blogs we like section.
✪ Lonely Planet’s book  «Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet bloggers» (2011)

clipping bar

✪ Interview in Popap de Catalunya Ràdio about Tips for saving in trips (9 January 2018)
✪ Interview in Voces de Galicia Radio Voz Galicia about Maldives  (minute 134) (4 April 2017)
✪ Interview newspaper Bondia.ad about #TBMAndorra (23 May 2016)
✪ Interview newspaper Ara.cat about #TBMAndorra (22 May 2016)
✪ Recommended as one of the 10 inspiring travel blogs for 2016 by ¡Hola.com! (23 February 2016)
✪ Recommended as one of the most inspiring travel blogs in Spain by Skyscanner (20 October 2015)
✪ Recommended blog at El matí de Catalunya Ràdio amb Òscar Fernandez (27 July 2015)
✪ Interview in Travel Radio Show «Que no te lo cuenten» about Botswana (17 February 2014)
✪ Interview in Universal Places (24 June 2013)
✪ 25 Inspiring Spanish Travel Blogs by Women in El Pachinko (8 March 2013)
✪ Interview in Catalunya Radio talking about Twilight and my trip to Volterra (17 Novembre 2012)
✪ Intervien in Viajamus.com blog (6 August 2012)
✪ Rewiev in CondéNast Travel’s blog 101 viajes increibles (27 July 2012)
✪ Rewiev in Coure Magazine (25 July 2012)
✪ Interview in Escapadarural.com (8 March 2012)
✪ Interview in Yokmok.com (1 August 2011)
✪ Special guest at the radio show “L’oracle” from Calunya Radio, talking about the value of travelling (tertulia sobre el valor de viajar) (20 July 2011)
✪ Interview in radio COPE Málaga (10 May 2011)
✪ Interview in radio Onda Azul Málaga (10 May 2011)
✪”Blog of the week” in the newspaper LaVanguardia.com (20 April 2011)
✪ Interview in Destinosasiaticos.com (11 February 2011)
✪ Interview in Viamedius.com (1 February 2011)
✪ Interview in AnotacionesViajeras.com (18 May 2010)

From July to December 2012, a regular contributor to the program Al día en punto, a radio show from Punto Radio Euskadi.

Kyoto, Japan (27 December 2012)
Marrakesh, Morroco (7 December 2012)
Yucatán, Mexico (21 November 2012)
Moscow, Rusia (7 November 2012)
Beijing, China (3 October 2012)
Sicily, from Palermo to Agrigento (25 July 2012)
Bali, Indonesia (18 July 2012)
North Tunisia (11 July 2012)
Sacred Valley, Peru (4 July 2012)

Accolades bar

✪ Voted as Barcelona’s #IberiaMayor. Hosted by airline Iberia.
✪ Nominated as Best Spanish female travel blogger, Bloscars 2013.
✪ Most active bloggers awards in Twitter at #TBMGredos: 4th position
✪ 20 Blogs 2012 Awards, hosted by the newspaper 20 Minutos: 8th position of 286 bloggers
✪ Bitácoras 2011 Awards, hosted by Bitacoras.com: 10th position


✪ Travel chat at #TBMAndorra about #MaldivasFTB and female travel focus (20 May 2016). Video courtesy of Tragaviajes (minute 17).
Conference «Japan Budget Travel» in CIAJ (Barcelona Youth Information Center) (25 April 2013).
Conference “Travel to Japan” in Can Fabra, hosted by the Cultural Association Coneguem el món (15 June 2012).


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